Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

Oh my gosh... I love you!

I just finished watching your whole series in 1 night and I'm CRAZY about opening the 4th diemension to myself! Also, that surprise made me cry tears of joy. Thank you, even though I have not found it yet, I have found my pourpose. When I find my guide, I will have so many questions, when I have an OBE, I'll see my Grand-dad again and when I balance my chakras,hehe...well..., let's say I'll have a better life. Also, I'm a male Indigo child. What's strange is that I have a more mixed Male-Female mindset, which might be why some people think I'm weird, I'm okay with that. I thank you for opening my 3rd eye, showing me th 4th diemension, and saving me from well... myself. Thank you.:)
Newgrounderten-4(or should I say)) William Robertson

a ten

because im coming back to see your vids even opposing every lil statement, vid is not even loaded but i know what to expect

i know its bullshit but i like your stuff, and who knows, i might get superpowers, im willing to belive in god if i get some super marvel cool powers, say, flying or shit

You just continue to impress :D

I'm really glad you've decided to do this. I was wondering if you'd actually stick to the commitment, and you totally have. I come back every Monday without

Your attitude is part of what makes this series such a delight. I enjoy reading the comments because I get to see other peoples reactions and views on subjects I've long just kept in my head.

It's nice to get a fair amount of guidance and entertainment in every flash, it never fails. I see you get a lot of flak sometimes for not providing enough arguments and it just makes me chuckle.

:D if people aren't satisfied, if they need more questions answered, they need to learn to just seek them out and not hate on the person trying to help show them how to step into these beautiful worlds and ideas.

I'm more concerned and impressed with how well you explain these things, how fresh you keep your animation, and how steadfast you stay on your path to educate.

Bravo on the series, I will continue to enjoy.

A question for you....

With all of these methods of spiritual intelligence, why haven't you created a dynasty for yourself? And...If i may ask, why havent you fulfilled something unimaginably great yet!? You seem to have the potential to! :)

great job

ma your really smart and have you been threw this