Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

Astral Plane

Wow, just seriously wow, i have wondered about some of this for quite some time wondering how it works. The surprise was very well done and made me smiles, the only thing i don't get about your videos is why every comment is rated useless. I mean do people hate this kind of stuff? its annoying, but great job on these videos, I look forward to your new


This is the first video of yours that I watched and it was great. It was so...calming and peaceful. I can't wait to watch your other videos. Also, the ending song was perfect.

reminds of that time

the time when i asleep i dreamed that i jerked awake and then i actually jerked awake, it was so weird. true story i swear. awesome video i'll be sure to look T SOME OF THE sources that you have suggested in this video

Well done.

The animation definitely makes up for the lack of painting :)


i tinck tis hapind to me wan i was a kid i cant remember it now cruz that hapind lick 7 are 8 years i do remember i was out in the streets and the stars wer bright as ever and thats all i remember any was good wark on the flash i loved the last part peace out .