Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

Wouldn't this be dangerous also?

Let's face it, there are ALLOT of people with inner demons they are struggling with or have accepted as part of their lifestyle.

I myself am constantly struggling with temptations, anguish, or fear.

So before practicing Astral Projection...it is imperative that people gain some mental and emotional stability of themselves first.

Because it's a fact that Evil does exist. And what happens to those evil spirits who embrace the darkness within themselves.

Is the 4th dimension in danger against consciousness of good, peaceful, and meek?

Cause if consciousness in infinite, then logically so are the consciousness of the wicked.

keep doing it

keep doing it and someday someone will make a show about it or atleast write a book about about it :)..............and like what i said in facebook..could you please please please please please please please please please send me that last part of lesson 9......... please :)

Jordan, you are seriously a breath of fresh air.

I love looking forward to Mondays! It's nice to find someone who thinks like I do, I consider you my personal friend and tutor of the unexplained. If you EVER need a hand with anything you can count on me, ESPECIALLY if you find yourself near Gainesville Florida.

Devin Holland @ FB

I cried..

That last part I just teared...The beauty the beauty.
so many people keep there eyes shut to the beauty of this world.
We as humans have created such destruction and hate and crime.
All we look at is all the bad, instead of the good we still have left.
I really want to astroproject..and I will in time with practice. Thank you for
Your videos they bring a smile and joy to my face everytime I watch them
If a 16 year old girl can open there eyes to the world then any old closed
minded person can.

Wow, just, wow.

I'm completely fascinated. thank you so much for showing me the books. I am now totally into this stuff. I'm totally amazed in this thanks to you, so i really hope that i am able to astral project.