Reviews for "SS - Astral Projection"

middle astral plane

I've totally been in there.
While in surgery, i fell asleep and then i saw my two best friends standing next to a wooden fence and smiling at me while the weirdest sunset was behind them, and when it all faded black, i woke up. I woke up almost hitting the floor because i was shacking like crazy while unconscious and while i was falling my dad saved me.

"Vivid colors" describe it just a little, the feeling is just amazing.

you forgot to mention..

when astral projecting to see the world as it is you must clear your mind if you have any thoughts they will manifest.... not to mention the fact that if you meditate in this form you will start to see and hear the information of your past lives flow thru you.... i wanted to see what would happen and i got that far before i got freaked out from almost one hundred voices in my head.


dude i loved the surprise it was awesome!

good episode

I downloaded i doser (piratebay) and listened to the bin aural beat for astral projection and I felt rising then I stopped. This stuff is real people!

An Amazing Experience

I just wanna start off saying that this is the best episode so far! I feel like I'm really connecting to what you've been introducing to us viewers so far. I KNOW that I have lucid dreamed before, and had full control over my self, but because I had no knowledge of what exactly was happening, I couldn't direct myself.

My most memorable one just found myself in my room, getting up and trying to open my locked door, but phasing in and out of standing and feeling my pillows under my face. Soon I realized I was dreaming, but before I could do anything about it, the next thing I remember, I'm in my home town driving around, with everything changing, and me trying to navigate it. Is this what happens when you first have extremely lucid dreaming? I felt like I was just thrust into things and as my imagination wandered, so did my environment.

But besides the point, 10/10. Keep it up!!!