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Reviews for "Corruption"

I'm aware of your feelings on hip-hop, but this track sounds seriously hip-hop. I think it would sound incredible with some vocals. Little rapping, little singing, a few hooks, a lot of rhymes, and you've got a blockbuster track. Great work, man. It has a great spacey vibe to it, its easy to get lost in. It just ends really abruptly. I feel like it could be ever-so-slightly longer.


bdog705 responds:

thank you very much, i am thinking about adding vocals to my songs but I have no idea on where to go about lyrics but the song had to end there because I ran out of ides for the melody to continue so it sounded like a perfect loop so I made it a loop. but if you can think of your own lyrics for this song your more then welcome to mix vocals with it as long as credit is given but that's your call so feel free to do so if you want
thanks for the review!