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Reviews for "[Mexican Nyan Cat]"


aaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!finall y our cats cant be proud :'D

And so i watched.

As another meme lost all meaning and slowly descended to its death.


Not even accurate

Congradulations, you animated a mexican taco cat with a "mexican" rainbow

I've only three problems:
Number 1, I never heard any "nyans" during the animation. I tried turning up the volume, that made it sound less like a "nyan".

Which brings me to Number 2, it lost the annoying, frantic, charm that the original "nyan cat" had. If you're gonna make a spinoff, don't remove the most important parts.

Number 3, it doesn't loop correctly. After a while, the music stops playing and after a long while, it comes back.

yeah.. viva mexico cabrones!!!

hahahaha buen nyan


this is perfect