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Reviews for "[Mexican Nyan Cat]"

xD Viva!

encuentro esta parodia muy buena :3 medio racista pero vamos es el Nyan Cat aun asi se ve lindo :D celebrando que gano mexico la final de la copa libertadores no puedo enojarme con este gatito.

It need a short loop for the song...it takes like 2 minutes to the song to start again. everything else is ok for a NyanCat parody


gonna hate cause they didn't think of this first, as far as this getting low scores, most of it just people weighing in cause they don't actually contribute to the site LOL, good first attempt something simple, something to make us laugh.

only problem, loop the music :P


Im from mexico and i fin this very racist!...

Lol jk i loved, its a fun .gif but not front page worthy imho.


The fuck was this? ;/ The fuck was that? \:

Goodbye, Nyan, you had a good flight...This got a 1 simply because of the suffix 'Nyan"... :'(


YO VANA HUSER EL INTERNETIO!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111