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Reviews for "[Mexican Nyan Cat]"


Im Mexican and Proud of it!

I dont find this any racist at all, any other compadre that said that is dead inside, anyway, why the complains?, Mexican people does laugh of all other people too, so dont be hypocrite and enjoy it!


mildly steriotypical, but i lold sooooo hard. nice work


I love <3 it but It lacks... well... lyrics

por favor

ya se que es ofensivo pero no manchen rianse de ustedes mismos si no pueden son unos amargados pues admitanlo es divertido aunque un poco idiota pero no reirse esa es la peor ofensa que se pueden acer a ustedes mismos por que aunque no lo quieran siempre an estado los racistas asi que por lo menos rianse

better than the original

a little racist....BUT!!! it has nice music and easier to listen to than nyan 400 times. and for all you haters at least he changed the poptart into a taco, most people would have just colored the poptart red, white, and green.