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Reviews for "Derpcraft"

Hell Yeah!

Ive been waiting for you to post this for like 2 months! definately worth the wait. I was the same way when i first started minecraft. Great Animation smooth and had funny facial expressions. The audio just topped it off. My parents just stared at my while i was laughing through the whole thing. And i couldn't stop laughing when he slams the kids head into the blocks haha.

Great job overall man!

Awesome love everything about it.

Funny. That sums it up.

Graphics: Great.

Original: Very original.

Sound: The quality of the sound fx and voices were clear and loud.

Violence: N/A

Interactivity: N/A

Humor: The whole video pretty much. Love the ending.

Overall score: 10/10


That about sums it up.
Minus the Nether that is.....
Either way, yes, the game hate you. It WILL send hoards of creepers adn you WILL be blown up.

None can explain how annoying it is to be in a cove, just minding your OWN BUISNESS, when someone comes p behind you and BLASTS you into pixels.
Thanks Notch, thanks sooo much...

But seriosuly, nice vid! :D

that was awesome

This Movie is very awesome, and the Characters are very well made. Keep up the awesome work.

Review Request Crew

theres a easter egg animation by sam green if you click on the creepers head during the loading screen wich is pretty cool