Reviews for "Derpcraft"

oh ross

i remember watching you make this you fucking genius. how the hell do you have the patience to do these things?

I've been watching newgrounds for years

Almost every video on here is just old and kinda immature to me, but this was great! I played minecraft for a total of 3 or 4 hours and I did the exact same routine.

Thank god someone else dosnt get it

I do not understand mine craft. People say its about building but its not, garry's mod is about building. This is about digging a hole for 2 hours, reading a wiki for another hour and then getting a tool to dig for another 2 hours.


I felt the same way when I first played Minecraft. I love how you turned your opinion on the game into a short. Great job!

I keep coming back to watch this.

My little cousin has no nose.
How does he smell?