Reviews for "Derpcraft"


minecraft has its ups and downs but it really is fun to play if you arre interested in survival sandboxes. you also dont have to fight the monsters [no not run away from them] you can enable peacful mode to live peacfully for the only monsters outside would be the chikens and slimes.

very good yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same with me, but different in a way...

When I saw a creeper, I was like hell yeah, he looks friendly! (Walks over) Creeper: *SSSSSSSSS* (Flashing) Me: Oh shi- BOOM

True story bro.

OMG..... hahahaha thats so funny it happend to me XDDDDD..... god yeah that is what you feel playing minecraft one and another.....Nice Videos man xDD i just see it like 8 times already