Reviews for "Derpcraft"


I don't have minecraft, so I will admit that I don't have any form of verifiable opinion; but as far as I can tell. This is 100% fact. Even better: It's animated well; it's funny; and I enjoyed it so much I've watched it three times today. Win.

5, 10, fave

This review is mostly just to bring your average review rating closer to ten. Loved it.


I haven't reviewed anything in months but this is just so funny that it needs to be done.

Fuck man, words cannot describe the amount of win in this. I didn't even understand anything the first time i played minecraft either, how does punch down tree?


Amazing as ever!

I'd expect no less from you, Egoraptor!

So Accurate!

My First Day at Minecraft... before i change to Peacefull Mode x.x