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Reviews for "<3 ToastedToastyToast"

A landmark toastytoast flash

I am loving how miraclefruit's fla became his defining appearance.

r. great STUFF. MATE.

a great and fluid animation, with a solid story-line, and a fun (dialogue?) /story.
i liked the part were blob othres tried to troll, and the mind-champer visit, and him beeing ''WTF?!'', but also, i liked the ending. where they became friends.
great movie, worthy of been in tha front-page.

is ptriot so of a good clock/person?

btw, i would love to be in the crowd/bunch. oh well! next time, i guss! 5/5

That was fun and sad

But also beautiful and sweet. He found friendship in the end.


Okay, I can tell this is taken from some other audio. It's mostly because I can distinctly tell that there was a different voice used for when Newgrounds appeared. I feel sorry for whoever it was that made this. At least you had a sincerely heartwarming moment at the end. I guess you weren't ridiculing this kid as much as I thought you were. I had no idea this was going to be a Clock submission. My only complaint is that it kind of goes on a bit too long.

The voice can get annoying, but that was probably the point. Hopefully, we can all learn to stop being trolls and spammers to each other. The artwork was nice and I really liked those big shots of all the Clock characters. I'll probably never know what this was all about, but it was pretty neat to watch. The toast himself is pretty well drawn.


I think my only complaint here is that ToastedToastyToast didn't look very toasted. In fact, he looked like untoasted white bread. Next time, make him toastier.