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Reviews for "<3 ToastedToastyToast"

Kind of interesting

This was interesting, kind of confusing at first but i thought it was interesting seemed to go on abit too long story wise so kinda dragged on towards the end, so you could possibly shorten the story abit somehow, the voice seemed abit anoying and all the clock characters was kinda neat, and in the end i guess there was a meaning to all this but was still kind of confused, now on the possitive side of things the art was pretty good, the animation could have been better and the story could have been shorter, So all and all this was notbad and i did get a laugh or two from it so nice job there and decent effort on this flash, keep it up.

Making this flash better well there were a few options, shorter story as it dragged on towards the end, some smoother animation from scene to scene, and the anoying voice could have been better.