Reviews for "Long Lost Bike"

Hah Question!~?

Hey I saw this video and assumed the old man shit himself from the sounds he made. However my lovely girlfriend thought he just puked when I showed her the flash. Which one were you going for?

Great work though, I loved the ending either way!
10/10 ~ 5/5 in my books.

Seriously though did the old guy Poo or throw up!É!

Emrox responds:

My original intent was vomiting. But shitting thyself in disgust seems much funnier.

Nice ending

Original concept, thorughly funny except for the silly beginning, however fantastic ending. Original, funny and slightly gruesome.


amputation WHAT A TWIST!!!!

Its okay.

Not my favorite but is pretty funny.


Dat was so funny! The bike is like a bouncing ball! Btw, why was he gripping his wheel anyway?