Reviews for "Long Lost Bike"


I honestly think you should win. your animation is just so perfect and I didn't find any flaws!
Hoping to participate next year or the year after! I hope you can give me some pointers :D

Emrox responds:

Oh thanks.


Pretty funny story.How many rounds TOFA was? I'm planning to enter TOFA in 2 or 4 years from now.

Emrox responds:

This is the fifth TOFA organized by Munchymedia, and it's five rounds long, including the open round.


Gave me a chuckle

Love it!

K, this is a VERY original video!
The graphics were great!
Very funny ending,
and well, i just really liked this and I HOPE you turn this thing into a series!
5/5 10/10


Emrox responds:

Why thank yew.

LO to da L

Using "Little Black Rain cloud" from whinne the pooh MAde this for me rofl!

Emrox responds:

Winnie the Pooh is the best bear. Except for smokey, he's also the best bear.