Reviews for "(The) Audition"

10/10 ThatGuy Says;

Very Nice, Captured the reality of how auditions really happen. The Humor spot on, the voice actors did great. The Animation is self is great, Hope to see more from you.



that's some pretty solid frame by frame animation man, nice and smooth. I don't think I found it as funny as you intended it to be, but either way props on the full body animation.


smooth animation and good concept love it!

Sweet animation style

Really interesting animation style. I saw the fluid anim preloader at the start so i'm assuming you have a background in stick animation and this really comes through in a unique way. You've blended the tweening and puppet style of sticks with the fbf of full body perfectly and it comes of as a really dynamic and fluid animation. The voice acting was nice and the concept was pretty cool, good punch line.


personal experience?