Reviews for "Found you"


Best submission in this round hands down. The art (especially the BG art), animation, and story was all done masterfully. It's so rare for me to say "damn" or "holy shit" while watching an animation on Newgrounds but it happened twice here, once during the water splash animation (you nailed that perfectly), and again when the dragon popped out (great character design and full body animation). And you didn't half ass anything, it was all frame by frame animation, no shortcuts. Even all the "little" things that alot of people don't tend to notice or care about, like the rope animation that responded realistically to his weight and movements, and the water ripples when he was swimming. And the story was great and made me genuinely smile. Most of the time when people try to do "serious" and "touching" animations it's either too sappy and makes me groan or too experimental for me to give a shit. This was just perfect, a wonderful story of innocence.

One little thing though, the audio could of been alot louder. I didn't even know there was music and SFX at first until I heard the dragon roar quitly play through my speakers. So yeah, I had to rewatch with my volume blasted to near max. But that isn't a big enough deal to mark you down for.

Anyways, this was very impressive and I look forward to any future submissions from you. I thought Dave had a sure win with his submission but this is gonna put up one hell of a fight. I don't know where the judges can mark you down on the score cards, this is essentially flawless under all the categories. Good job and good luck in the contest!

jagondudo responds:

gee... i dunno what to say. Thanks so much for that review. Yea I didn't realize the audio was so low, I had the speakers way up to get the more subtle sounds, guess was just an oversight.

It's a pity you didn't finish yours. The animation was great, the angles, the music, the sounds and the set up were splendid! I though the paper texture was nice touch and the scene with the hamster in the sock was terrific.

fantasic job, but...

it seems that the audio was very quiet in the flash. i had my volume up all the way and i had trouble hearing most of anything. im not sure if its possible to fix that or not, in any case, great job on the animation

Bad Luck!

I thought your entry was a lot better than Dave Bruno's, pity that the scores didn't reflect that.
Loved the backgrounds and the story was imaginative and creative. Head and shoulders above.

good stuffs

i remember those days of my mind being so free it could create reality from anything and my best friend was a plush dog :D
brings back great memories!

D'awwwwwwwww cute :3