Reviews for "Found you"

Simply Beautiful

Beautiful artwork, and animation. I loved the innocence of it all, and the length...it was perfect. The childs mind is truly a vessel of wonder.

Fantastic fantasy.

The child's man produces the most fantastic of adventures, and you provide a fantastic story. keep it up!

u got skillz

Man that was epic, and just beautiful. Need I say more? I meanI dunno wat the hel aTofa is but I don't think it matters.


This i really good, instant five, but it is a little hard to follow at some points. Like, the kid becomes a baby and the whole world is in his imagination? I mean, it doesn't make a lot of narrative sense. Do you know what I'm saying?

I was really drawn in though, I wanted to watch more.

Brilliant Piece of Animation

All I can say about this flash is in the title of my review. I especially light the "flashlight" effect. I don't recall seeing that done so effectively in a flash before. A great display of imagination, menace, and childish innocence. I don't really see how you could have done it better, so how can I offer constructive criticisim?

Anyone who reads this review, watch this flash. it'll be the highlight of your NG day. Other artists, watch this flash. It's a good lesson on animation and should serve as an inspriation.