Reviews for "-Patience-"


hey i think you did pretty good art is pretty nice i like the green guys : D
i dont wanna sound like a jerk or anything but there is one problem the sound some parts are really loud and some parts you cant hear very well
but other then that i think you did great keep on practicing and keep up the good work : D


PinkSkull responds:

Thanks, so that is the problem with the sound huh, I'll try to fix it and reupload, thanks a lot for your nice review.!


Suitable for everyone?, trololol

PinkSkull responds:

I never tought of the violence part unsuitable until I got this reviews hehehe, well, kids gotta see some cartoonish blood every now and then else they'll grow like pussies!

realy funny, man

keep the good work

PinkSkull responds:

thanks a lot man!

Good little flash

The jokes are more or less, could have a little more improvement but the art is pretty good, nice job.

PinkSkull responds:

thanks^^ I'm working on improving


The green dude reminds me of Master Chief(From Halo 1,2.and 3)without the vizors
Also nice animation,Loled a bit here and there

PinkSkull responds:

Guess I've finally found how master chief looks like huh? :P