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Reviews for "L.A. Noire: Deleted Cases"

Pretty damn funny, Utah!

I haven't played this game yet, and I have no clue what people are on about when it came to the jokes "fizzling out," but if they don't understand that back in those days racist/sexist jokes like that were considered the norm (whereas now the guy would be sued, fined, or suspended), then they're not going to see the humor in it.

Johhny vs. Ego

I don't know if you Noticed but this is the second time you've clashed with Egoraptor 4 the better parody.
1st Cogs of War 2 vs. Gears of Awesome and Now
2nd L.A. Noire: Deleted Cases vs. Awesome Noire

P.S. No Modern Warfare spoof? WHAT THE FUCCCCCCCCCCK! Make one Damnit!


Amazing animation. Great voices. And funny jokes. Good job, Mr. Utah.


Really enjoyed this flash Great Animation,..good use off color, but.... i thought there could of been Way more Action. More violence would have suited this just fine.
Other then that Good Job!
P.S Make More lol!

~ Kaila ~

Thy now its awesurm

Its awesome. Like a banana split that didn't split with the choco bunny and godzilla in a super fire trucking embassy lolzers and the epic fight goes to Manchester village, with the apostrophy goes to ''chick'' and thats how a new baby was born.

Okay, this is an awesome sumbission so I give it a 9/10(eventhough its actually 10/10) and 5/5 cuz im not a jerk. Your animation is great though. Sorry for this p00r review. Please, feel free to rate this as useless review or blam it to make me feel like im awesome.