Reviews for "A Lovely Dream"

Not much art here on Newgrounds...

...but people like you bring it anyways. Thank you.


This was a very touching and well animated animation, really great to watch, I have to agree that the girl's eyes are kinda scary, but it's not a real problem.

PD: At the end it says "lose" not "love" so it says " I'll never lose you again" . A lot of people seems to had problems reading that : P

Lazymodecomics responds:

There are no typos, everything that you read is supposed to be read exactly the way it appears.



The flow of the motions, interpretations of the memories, and lack of background all add up to make a convincing dreamstate setting, however, I must agree with RAEN about the eyes; while the bags surrounding them did create a very gaunt appearance (adding to the sense of pain and loss), their presence and surreal motion draw attention away from the rest of the work, and seem rather out-of-place when set with rest. Even so, their animation was smooth and convincing.

It's also quite refreshing to see submissions like this that have meaning to the artist, not just a message to the audience. You sent chills down my spine with this. (Though, I had to watch it twice to read the text. Not complaining that it's rough, I just didn't have enough time to make it all out before it was gone.)

very sentimental, I think

you've got a nice piece on there, it is a bit short, but the "SENTIMENTALISM" is very visible in hire...

nice work!

real smooth

its pretty difficult to animate with such realism, you tackled it really well. that part where she fell into the smoke was probably my favorite part. i was craving some backgrounds though. it felt a little empty on that level. All in all you did a beautiful job on this one. 5'd