Reviews for "A Lovely Dream"

Great job Jake!

Nice shifting perspectives and awesome imagery! Hope to face off against you in the later rounds man!


I like it a lot. If you lose someone, you wont ever forget them. they will be in your heart, your dreams, your mind. The person you lost will never be far away. You need to look for them. Wonderful job The animation and the "morale" is perfect. :) you made my day... after watching babies. -_-'


That was a beautiful piece of animation. Very moving


Awww! That was so sweet, it almost made me cry. While I watched this, I thought about the love that I have in my life, the person I don't want to lose. Thank you for your portrayal.

This is love.

Truth be told, it was a tearjerker. >;

And to Pennipen, I think he means that loving in " that " way, not as in family/friendship wise. :> Idk?

Wonderful animation style, though. Even without words, the girl was able to show what she was remembering with a simple picture-esque scene.