Reviews for "A Lovely Dream"


I gotta agree with the other users on this; it's exceptionally well made. It's nice to see somebody with this ammount of talent and creativity who doesn't attack others just for making a flash out of old video game graphics. Enough of the ass-kissing, on with the review...

In terms of art and animation, this is beyond magnificent when it comes to frame-by-frame flash. I really loved the color selection and the use of colored outlines for something like this. Plus, great job on the perspective, which is another thing that most people on here overlook. However, due to how smooth the animation was, many are going to accuse you of rotoscoping; yet have no evidence to back their presumption. When it came to the music, Dave did a great job with that and helped set this flash's mood. (Nothing to complain about.) Of course, there's the content, which made it worth the high scores it's getting. The story, while simple, was a bit touching about loss; and the direction and angle choices are also praiseworthy.

What I do like:
-Excellent art and animation
-Nice tone and story
-Clever direction
-Good music

What I don't like:
-Some people will accuse you of rotoscoping, but they have no proof to back it up.

Overall: Here's a ten for you, Jake.

Great job Jake!

Nice shifting perspectives and awesome imagery! Hope to face off against you in the later rounds man!

Really nice

Great music, really gave it a dark ominous and mysterious tone. You're animation was awesome too, though i'm not sure the exaggerated perspective always works. Still most of it was fluid and there was little resizing, some of the camera moves seem to stop a little abruptly, try a little cushioning at the end. You told the story well and it was emotionally convincing, all in all really nice.

Really nice flash~

I love your style :)
Just one small thing bothered me for some reason. The feet were really pointy and stood out to me lol


Genre-wise this isn't really my cup of tea, but the animation in this was indisputably excellent, loved all the frame by frame of the girl moving. And it was clearly well storyboarded and drawn with a lot of skill, good work overall. I'd love it if you'd do something a little more upbeat though :)

Lazymodecomics responds:

I'll see what I can do. Most of my work isn't very "newground-ish". I'd need more sleep to be upbeat, haha.