Reviews for "A Lovely Dream"


One word says it all.

Here's a 10 for you

because this is a painfully beautiful piece that hits hard for those who lost their beloved. It's a heavy burden to deal with, especially when that person was your 'One and Only."

When you have nothing to hold onto, you only have the visions you see in your sleep.

Hope she didn't will herself to die from all of it.


I like it a lot. If you lose someone, you wont ever forget them. they will be in your heart, your dreams, your mind. The person you lost will never be far away. You need to look for them. Wonderful job The animation and the "morale" is perfect. :) you made my day... after watching babies. -_-'


You can't really enjoy this flash to the fullest if you haven't lost someone important for you...

Lazymodecomics responds:

Loss goes way beyond the simplicities of life and death.


Not much art here on Newgrounds...

...but people like you bring it anyways. Thank you.