Reviews for "A Lovely Dream"


cant keep my eyes off o_0 even though the girl eyes kindda scaring me, the animation draws me in ,....i dunno how you can do that.
didnt really understand whats going on....so to put in summary :
1. shes standing in front of her boyfriend grave and weep
2.she rekindled their happy time together
3.and at the end she doesnt want to love him anymore?....ok...
the eyes of the girl is kindda diff style than the surrounding, maybe it was meant to emphasize the deep broken heart of the girl (you know when a girl weep their eyes wither down) and highlight it so we can focus on it, but to me its scaring me -_-
gonna give it a 10 but its kindda scary & the title feels off when i watch it to the end ,so ...9 ^^
cant wait to see more of your work ^^

Very Good

The movement of your characters was meticulously animated--between the attention to the middle frames and the multi-colored shading, the animation was easy on the eyes. Beyond that, it was a touching piece no doubt. Well-worth the frontpage plug, and a good bit of variety from the usual blood n' sex we get around here. Nicely done, Jake.

This is love.

Truth be told, it was a tearjerker. >;

And to Pennipen, I think he means that loving in " that " way, not as in family/friendship wise. :> Idk?

Wonderful animation style, though. Even without words, the girl was able to show what she was remembering with a simple picture-esque scene.


Awww! That was so sweet, it almost made me cry. While I watched this, I thought about the love that I have in my life, the person I don't want to lose. Thank you for your portrayal.

Pretty Good

The animation is very fluid, but I would suggest working on her face and features. It felt off, style-wise, from the rest of the animation. I'd suggest next time working on the features, or leaving it featureless.

Why never love again? Just because someone has passed on doesn't mean you can't keep loving them either.

Depsite that, still a very well done flash, very fluid, and the art is great.