Reviews for "A Lovely Dream"

great job man

i loved the turn out of the animation. it is really sweet at the end. great job :)

Obviously a very artistic piece!!

Really loved your envisions of a dream, as well as the use of the music to set the tone of the animation.

I think it would have been better if she didn't have eyes though. Like the guy, no eyes keeps the attention on the dream state as oppose to the person. The eyes seem like such a key indicator of ones feelings, and since you didn't go to ANY lengths to draw the eyes, it kind of takes away, or perhaps i should say, it lets the viewer realize too much of the woman.

Just some thoughts, I loved it though!


that was pretty fuckin cool
the chicks eyes looked bit saggy tho lol

Correct me if I'm wrong...

She kills herself?

I mean everything points to that.... "I'll never lose you again" The fact that she becomes monochromatic like him at the end... o.o


This was a very touching and well animated animation, really great to watch, I have to agree that the girl's eyes are kinda scary, but it's not a real problem.

PD: At the end it says "lose" not "love" so it says " I'll never lose you again" . A lot of people seems to had problems reading that : P

Lazymodecomics responds:

There are no typos, everything that you read is supposed to be read exactly the way it appears.