Reviews for "Riddle Transfer"

love it

I love the game it is as good if not better then the others, but i cannot figure out what Snoz has to do with the dial pad code lol

why the negro is only a helper ?

men, this game is so rasist

JonBro responds:

He's the main character's best friend!

But yes, thank you Hulalaoo. Your comments make me smile.

A very interesting beginning of a new series

So you weren't going to do any continuation of the Riddle School series? Shame on you!
Haha, just kidding. This looks interesting, the game was pretty fun. It's good you've started a new saga (it kinda doesn't break the promise of "not doing another Riddle School game", since it's a different series with a different theme). If all games on the series are going to be similar to this one, it'll be a very memorable one (both story- and game-wise). Kudos for the good work!

The only thing I didn't like is that the only thing there is on the right-click menu is a "no cheating" message. What if I want to change the quality? My computer was kinda amazing when I bought it, 5 years ago, but now it's no Deep Thought at all...

P.S.: What about Riddle School 7? Are you going to make a Riddle School 7? You only claimed you weren't going to do an RS6... [trollface]

JonBro responds:

I see what you did thar and I DON'T LIKE IT

But I do like your review. Thank you very much :D


Freakin epic game! Just like the rest of your series, which I have played back to back several times, this does not disappoint. Can't wait to see future works of yours!

Yet, another masterpiece...

Your series never seizes to amaze me. The fact that you started a new Riddle saga made my day.

I currently find myself stuck at Snoz. :P