Reviews for "Riddle Transfer"

Bravo sir

You always make good, and challenging games. Aside from the friggin triangle puzzle it was pretty non-headache inducing. Good job 10/10 5/5


This game is super rad. You've totally outdone yourself in terms of both humor and design. This game kept me playing for about an hour, and that's great for a flash game. There are a few things that annoyed me and those are the tile puzzles (which are still really clever but just throw me) and the FAQ page (it just scrolls too fast). Those are only minor, minor gripes, though, and I'm still super psyched for the second part. KEEP IT UP JONBRO

Wow that was awesome.

Started playing when it just came out ended after the under judgement That game was awesome and hard.10/10 :D I'll be here waiting for the next part.

Shark Approved.

Jonbrobro my bro you are a flipping genius. Your games keep me entertained for hours and hours and I look forward to them more than I do the next Mario game.


JonBro responds:

Wow. Thank you, Shark.

I think you're a genius, too. We should work on something together again.


lol, "Zone 5.1"

This an awesome game. Just thought you should know.