Reviews for "Riddle Transfer"

Could Anyone please help me?

I am sorry, but whenever I open the game, all I see is a blank white page.
It never happens when I play any other game.
It would be very kindly of you if you could help me.

JonBro responds:

It's still loading. There is a loading screen, but it ironically takes a little while to load.


I hate cliffhangers >:( but great game. TODALLY unxpected

Epicly awesome...

When will part 2 come out? It's too painful to wait!

JonBro responds:

Thank you, and... I hope it's not too painful, because it's going to be a while! :(

best part so far

im a really big fan of the series...and i must say this is the best part so far,love the puns and the puzzles,keep up the awesome work!!!!!


if your games aren't epic awsome then i don't want to know what is your games rock you have to tell me when you are don't with the next one it is unbareable to have to wait want to play it now