Reviews for "Make A Madness Guy!"


nice game i like the idea you should make a mod were you can use your madness guy as the protagonist :D

UltimoTheHedgehog responds:


Nice but...

I will give you an 8/10 because the heads, bodies and feet were good but the hands didn't really look that good. They were too big and the lines used to draw it were too thick.

UltimoTheHedgehog responds:

Thanks for teh rewiev.
About the hands i used the original madness hands :D
They're thick i know


Not a fan of dress-ups but I like madness and you had some cool options in there
and extra points for the epic music :D


cool ... finally a dress up game i like lol .... maybe ad a little animation after picking your weapon make them use it and show us

UltimoTheHedgehog responds:

Not Bad Idea But A Bit Hard...
Let's Work On It :D

Man these songs r great

Specialy FF7 and Tricky theme, but i wish we had more options and freedom in customizing, Great Job none the less!

UltimoTheHedgehog responds:

Thanks 4 Review ;)
And I'll Add More Songs,Body's And Weapons etc...

Just Want And Wait For It! :D