Reviews for "Make A Madness Guy!"

add more stuff and backrouds and wepons if possable

Well... Not bad, but could be better

nothing to new or special... but nothing bad either!

I say this one's good! It'll be more fun if you get to play with him in a game where you can kill anybody that walks near you!


UltimoTheHedgehog responds:

i will try to do that in Madness:PNP.

good game plus i made the soldior of eternal darkness who i cut from my animated madness fan made animations becuase the scene he appeared in when i was done with concept was way too creepy with to much blood dead bodies and very creepy music
p.s he looks like this:pitch black head,1337 glasses(red), auditor flames,hanks suit(mc7),reguler feet and gloved hands