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Reviews for "Justin Bieber Saw Game"


My favourite part was when rocky killed justin bieber

Not As Good As The Others

I found this game to be a lot shorter and A LOT easier than your past games. Still fun, although I would like an alternate ending in which Bieber died lol.

thnx but.....

i need to beat the superman one but i cant cause i dnt type it down THNX ALOT NOT:(


For anyone who can't pass the spider click the bucket of glue then click the floor.For anyone who can't pass chuck norris use the umbrella on him and say don't you shave
and he will break the door.For those who can't get pass the boxing robot thing dress up the doll with the 2 boxing shoes and shorts and gloves and put Nitroglycerine in it's mouth and use the controller for those who can't get pass mc donalds look at the soda click at the straw then combine the straw with the metal marvel thing then combine the hook with the rope (found next to the spider) then click the M in the mcdonalds sign then use the loaded straw at the hole for those who can't get pass the hero use the horn on him that's all i can say to help :)


I would have enjoyed it if I actually got to see him die.