Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"

Damn, that really hurts

Leaving aside the incredible cuts done on the human, that was quite amazing. Everyone gets tricked with the stick loader. Great job, I love this kind of fighting animations far more than stick fights or sprite ones, you kept a lot of detail and fluidity all along. Sometimes I think people do stick animations mainly to minimize detail in battles. Oh well...

The final bit was like a cherry on the top for me. Hehe.

I wonder

how the hell did the kid survive?
and since when do robots have guts?

face. at the end. hilarious.

Dude, I know nothing about animation from a creator's point of view, but that was AWESOME. the shuriken part was neat.


that proves it man are strongets thing on this planet!

Skilled animation, I admire how great you are at doing a fast paced animation and now it's the robot's ass being kicked. :D