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Reviews for "Children of Saturn"

This is pretty dang funky. I love the mix, but as RealFaction said; you might need a little more low-end on the bass line. Apart from that, this track is great.

Subbed and faved!


JoshuaHughes responds:

Thanks so much, Kabalist!

Love it! I really like the mixing. Lots of nice sounds too and they all compliment each other well. Great work!

JoshuaHughes responds:

Thanks, dude!

fucking amazing progression love it, again tho like the guy below said about the bass synth. What DAW u use?

JoshuaHughes responds:

I'm glad you like it! I've used FL Studio for years now. I think I'm too comfortable with it, because I won't even play around in Ableton or SonarX1 anymore.

I really like how it sounds kinda New Wave with a mix of a slow beat, thats really cool. I feel it needs more bass on the low end of EQ, like not the sub, but a bass synth. This reflects the stars getting jiggy with it as a kid in the boat goes "What the crap is going on?!" lol my impression of it. It fits.

My only complaint is it builds up too much most of the song, I wish I could hear more of that slow beat, it's sick! But it sticks around so short :c but it's so good! Also at 3:51 like that other time, that short flute "twiddle" really does a lot even though it's a little addition. This is really awesome but gah I wish I could dance to that slow beat more, it's too short! Wonderful work! :)

JoshuaHughes responds:

Thanks! You pretty much laid out the two biggest things that I've been having the most trouble in this track with.

Sharp Progression

JoshuaHughes responds:

"Sharp" is one of those words that I feel like can be taken in both a positive and negative connotation. On one hand, someone could be saying something along the lines of "This progression is sharp! I love it!" On the other, it could be something like "This progression is so sharp, it hurts my ears!" Unless you mean my progression consists of a lot of sharp notes, but the majority of them are actually natural notes. It's alright, sometimes I mistake some sharp notes for flat notes. Or maybe you are comparing my progression to a type of cheese. Cheddar is my favorite, but I'm not too fond of the sharper varieties. I believe cheese needs to compliment a sandwich, not overwhelm it. But I guess it's all relative, yeah? Or maybe some people prefer a sharper cheese on certain types of sandwiches and milder ones on others. I've had the wonderful opportunity of tasting a myriad of different French cheeses one time, and it was certainly one of the most intense experiences in my life. Unfortunately, I threw up that day because I ate so much. I just couldn't handle the bombardment of flavors. You'd be surprised of all the possible flavors you can get with cheese and time. I remember one cheese I ate (Can't remember the name. Sorry! :[ ) that was considered mild in taste and remarking the extreme difference after I ate one that had molded for a few months. I suppose my stomach was as amazed as my mind was at the time and just couldn't handle the intense feeling. Sad to say that I vomited right on another lady's booth and sincerely apologized until she became more annoyed with me than angry. I'm sure there are other people here who would agree with me that sometimes you can vomit out of pure joy instead of disgust and sickness. Of course, most people don't appreciate being vomited on, which is understandable, since it tends to have a rather unpleasant odor and can spread disease very easily. That's not to say that I would appreciate being vomited on either. Although I do like surprises, I may have a schedule or other event planned where being covered in vomit can interfere with it, or at the very least detract from my presentation. So if you do want to vomit out of happiness, it's preferable that you do it in a trash can or some other receptacle and then tell someone about it.

Thanks for listening!