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Reviews for "Children of Saturn"

LOVED IT!! :D. The intro was amazing and I loved those sounds. When the Kick kicked in at around 0:40 I wanted to start rave :D. and when the buildup started at 1:10 I was only thinking "Flawless".
And 1:30. Holy cow and 1:30 O_O. Almost threw me out of the seat becuase of how awesome it was :D

Glad I participated in this contest or I never would have gotten to hear bout you :D.
Haven't gone through all the songs yet, but this is probably going to be one of my tree fan favourites :D.

Instant 5.

JoshuaHughes responds:

I'm truly humbled, good sir! Making stuff that makes other people enjoy themselves, however slight that is, feels great!

It's an interesting obviously spacey, atmospheric track that offers quite some powerful visuals and a good degree of depth as a whole.

I don't really understand why you repeated the first two minutes again, especially since the build-up was already quite lengthy and then it seemed as if you only needed an "explosion" of sounds and a climax. I think it could have worked better if you either kept the repetition and added a powerful climax at the end before fading into darkness, or scratched the whole repetition and introduced more instruments and variations on the theme starting from that sort of breakdown.

I mean, don't get me wrong, what you did wasn't bad at all, but it honestly felt kind of like a lazy move when your song already had a very solid atmosphere and structure you could have built upon. Other than that, I think more background sounds would have helped the section at 1:34 - 2:01, maybe a background arp or rhythmic synths perhaps with a driving bass line.

Overall, you did a good job with your ambiance and I think you made justice to the artwork of choice.

JoshuaHughes responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful words! I'll be sure to put more effort and variation into my tracks next time. Bassline has now been duly noted.

Really good. I was unsure in beginning when the bass drum was chopping up the main sound a little bit as it came in. But as it went on, it was okay. The mix up at 1:33 is the highlight of this track, very nice!

JoshuaHughes responds:

Thanks, dude! I think you're talking about the parallel compression with the kick and the synths. I was very unsure of how much it needed. I guess it was a little too much?

Cool one! really like those hits at 01:34! :)

JoshuaHughes responds:

Muchas gracias, amigo!

This is a very good submission for the contest! I'm not going to take part in it myself, but it will be interesting to see how it turns out :3
I also like the artwork that inspired you (good job there, DreamForecast)!

While everything works very well in this track, I think my favourite part is those drums between 2:28 and 2:42 :'D They are so atmospherical, and are perfectly mixed imo! It's interesting to see such a part in a dance track :) (Same thing in the intro of course).
The mixing is splendid in general as well, I'd say. I love that transition that starts around 3:17! (The similar one at 1:07 => too ;p)

Really, I think you've done a splendid job with pretty much everything here! The choice of intruments too, not to speak of the chords and melodies XD
I would also say you succeeded quite well in portraying the unexplored in this track :'D

Good job, and good luck in the contest!!! (You're up against some though comptetition though; have you heard Johnfn's track?).

JoshuaHughes responds:

Appreciate the love again, LSD! The competition is certainly fierce. I've been doing my best to keep up with all the submissions, and all I can say is yes, it is very scary. But I'm having such a blast listening to it all and following all the artists in the process. I've been following Johnfn and I think he made a great track for the contest. I'm secretly hoping it will make it to RealFaction's top whatever results.