Reviews for "Animated Short: Save Me"


This was really funny and cute. Not bad at all :D


out of everything, i think the guys facial expressions were the most funny, lol
keep it up, if this is your first animation then I would love to see more from you!


Realy like you're drawing style, you got something going here :D

moke311 responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^^

Not bad for a first time

Not bad at all. The animation and graphics weren't exactly top-notch, but still, forgiveable. The story was funny, albeit short, and was a lot of fun to watch. The sound and music were great choices, and the whole flash was assembled together really well, and it functioned well too. Reminded me of those old slapstick cartoons (e.g. Tom and Jerry).

Extremely Well Done!

At first, I didn't think the animation was great, but after a short while, I pretty much started to enjoy the movie. The animation style suited very well with this kind of story and comedy, and I absolutely LOVED IT ^^

It really kept me entertained with all the humour. It's really hard to find these kinds of Flash nowadays :/

Hope to see more from you in the Future :D