Reviews for "Animated Short: Save Me"

really great short

good short, the humor can easily be compared to the likes of looney tunes with wile-e-cyote or sylvester and tweety bird in trying to capture the what they are after with varying approaches with disastrous results. Although at times the the pacing did slow down a little and the art is a little flat, welcome to NG hope to see some more of your animations soon!


loved it




Your style of drawing is awesome, even with the sketchy lines and stuff, the voices were great, the music was a good choice, and the story was brilliant. You might want to smoothen (yes, that isn't a word) your lines a bit though, if you have a tablet that will help.

Looking up for the next one

I always wish that people who post things for their first time on Newgrounds really take their time and if their work isn't good, try to learn from comments or from more experienced artists. Most of the time they don't. People like you keep me here, minus famous artists, despite the bunch of children (or even worse, not children) posting horrible stuff and not learning anything after several works and actually feeling proud about it...
Like everyone said, keep it up!