Reviews for "Animated Short: Save Me"


the cartoon is very nice and funny. . I enjoyed it

I'm very pleased

Not only is this a much welcomed break from the random violence and penis jokes we get around here by the bucket loads, but it's very VERY Good first flash.

that was really cute.

i love this video. a nice touch would have been for the guy to come back after each attempt wearing a band-aid or cast.
really sweet and simple animation, develops a good style. reminds me of watching looney tunes as a kid. great job! keep up the good work

Very funny

It feels like Looney Tunes, or Tom and Jerry, or any other Boomerang comedy cartoon. All the attempts failed except for the final one, which is good, but I would like some talking in it. Overall, 5 stars.

Hahahah :D

You're awesome!