Reviews for "Animated Short: Save Me"


You, sir, have a bright future here on NG. This is your FIRST submission? It was great! Slapstick humor coupled with simplistic animation...it's like Looney Tunes all over again! Pure gold.

Only one thing though...

I hoped for a Baloon Fight joke :C


Your First submission? wow i just joined i don't have any submissions thats great man!
like before its a good nice break from all the penis and perverted humor around here and your lil' just scribble animatin skills are fantastic! you could do good on Newgrounds.com

Nice and simple, but loveable.

I agree with fangoawesome, this does remind me of looney tunes/bugs bunny with all of Sylvester's attempts to get Tweety.
The animation is pretty good, nice and fluent, though somewhat primitive in design. However, that does not affect the quality of the flash or the story.


But why didn't he just kick that beaver/bear's ass and then use the ladder?