Reviews for "Animated Short: Save Me"


Simple, but very refreshing to see something like this on newgrounds. I liked it alot.


But not SHORT! Hahahahhaha. Loved it though.

I'm a cat fan...

Love this animation great work. And if you make a better one than this next time...watch out NG we're gonna have another prodigy on our hands! :)


You must be a very good animater on some other sites if this was ur first submitted animation. It reminds me of when i was a little kid watching looney tunes or something. This is the best animation i have seen all day and it is a better, clean comedy with no nudity, blood, cursing, or anything like that. Keep this up. 20 hours or 20 days, you should make some more animations. You rock. Keep it up dude!

I'm sorry did you say your first?

Goddamn. You will amount to something really awesome, especially with your funny style of animation and your great slapstick comedy. You really reminded me of the Road Runner show a little bit, Wil.E using crazy methods to accomplish something XD great work