Reviews for "Animated Short: Save Me"


I love the art style of this short. The sounds also fit perfectly... I liked how there were no speaking parts. I think this made the character more expressive. And the simple storyline works perfect here. Great job. I'm looking forward to more of these.

First time...nice...

I am impressed. The story was short, but well executed.
The graphics were sparse, but still smooth.
The sound was well timed with the action and very appropriate.

If I would have one complaint it would be that you could have spent more time than just 20 hours on it. Considering the caliber of flash submitted to this site, we could use some better animations.
Played out a bit like a Looney Toons cartoon.

moke311 responds:

Well, it was for a talent show you see, and I was short on time. ^^;; But yes, I agree I could have spent a bit more time polishing it up.

Thanks for the review!

Old school cartoon

I like how the entire flash looks like a flipbook of crayon drawings. Reminds me back of the days of the classic cartoons, this is a great first flash.

pretty good

I loved the way you did it, I see that you put time in it, the only things why I give you 4/5 is that, You should had a backgrounds in the back, and naturally longer with a story line. but for the rest it was really good.


For a first try this is really good

Despite its lack of color, its really good. Based on this I could expect to see cartoons from you in the future. The transitions are good, animation is clever.