Reviews for "Primal War 20 vol 2"

I disagree "there1"

its not a "gay" ending its your typical " they live happy ever after :, endings which was much needed when you look at almost all the series it was all killings , battles and massacres. I thought it was ok , not the best, but adequate what to end a , like you said " a great series". I give a 10 not for the ending but all in all way the series came to a close ,the animation was great sound was good and great job from BOSA with the musical score .

it said at the end

a war that has finally.......over
either that or i wasnt reading properly


it ends like that.wtf man.thats a gay way to end a good series.

For the overall series ..........a "10"

Its sad to see it end and , well ...all good things. The 10 I give is not only for this animation but, for the effort in completing the series. (not alot of you guys were able to do) . One day I will sit and see 1 thru 20 to see it as a whole. good luck in any future projects . Primal Wars was a great series.

my little cousin always ask so many questions....

...."why are there no more dinosaurs?"...."why is the lion king of the jungle?"......"who made the air balloon?"......"do lizard ladies exist?"......welll maybe this vid will answer all tht..XDDD