Reviews for "Primal War 20 vol 2"

Climax is awesome

you did a great ending


Its finally over and im sad...

Goodbye Primal War...........i have watched you for years and i just wanna say thank you for a classic series. One of the originals finally gone I will miss you :).

The Shak


Dude, please, for the love of god, Make This A Animated Series on Tv.
I would have loved this as a kid, more than pokeman or anything similair. You, Sir need a decent developer to sponsor you and get this going.


Considering from beginning to the end of the series, I think your animation is terrific, the story is wonderful, and the sound quality is above the rest. Overall, Primal Wars is a fantastic series, and a real orgasm for the imagination. The only complaints you will hear from me will be that the series is concluded, and that i was left feeling like there should have been more. Maybe more depth to the story as a whole? A directors cut is an excellent idea, and hopefully it will include not most, but ALL of the edited material. I truly enjoyed your work, and I will be looking out for any future title's with Rick Marin's name on it.


bear with an axe.