Reviews for "Primal War 20 vol 2"

just wow

nice one u have here!! looking for more bro

I have seen a few.

These cartoons come up periodically during my sporadic visits to NG, I don't spend as much time on the site as I used to. But I have noticed that these cartoons are all very similar. There is a lot of effects animation. Lacking in the higher quality full body animation. A lot of tweening and looped frames. I just think in your next project you should push yourself and attempt some more complex movement. Also, I feel that the majority of the series conclusion was action, when people also need story. A healthy balance. There was a lot of text at the end explaining some pretty important sounding stuff, which we don't get to experience. We are left to imagine. I didn't see very much character fulfillment, or conclusion to character arches, which I feel a concluding episode should have. The sound quality bothered me as well, I had also noticed this during viewing of previous episodes. Perhaps the audio publishing settings are set low. I suppose the series has a whole seems to be quantity vs quality. I wish you luck on your next project. Maybe buy a light box and draw your frames by hand, scan them and vectorize them. It's much easier to implement fluid animation with a physical connection to it.


Though I did not follow the series and though this concept was kinda corny, that was by far, some stand-up knock-out animation you have there!

Sound quality could be a bit higher though, good thing newgrounds allows you to re-upload old movies though.



It was sad to know that the main protagonists had perished.
But the final battle was still epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not to mention it still had a great ending.
Truth be told, this starting to get be hyped up for the Harry Potter finale coming out next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't know what happened

After watching this series for all these years I can't say I'm not disappointed. The battle was ok and I liked the animation like usual. I understand you had to cut much but killing of aruguably the two most immportant characters on the good side seemed really lazy. There wasn't even any emotion strength behind it, just boom they're dead and the series ends very conveniently. Come on man. I know this series had its highs and lows but the last one darn sure shouldn't have been a low. I just don't know what happened.