Reviews for "Primal War 20 vol 2"

I have to agree...

Animation was good, but it reminded me of a story about a bunch of furries... Kinda unnerving...


You really shat the last one out didn't you? Stupid cheesy ending. Horrible audio. Mediocre graphics. Horrible writing. And blatant furry boob appeal. I was hoping for something a bit... well honestly a LOT better.

Overall Rating

I Have seen every part in this series and I would have given it an 8 because it's great, but any time a wolf is show it either dies or it is wounded so therefore i give you a 7... and i say GOOD DAY!

terrible audio

the soundtrack and audio in general was blaring and sported HORRENDOUS quality. its been half a decade... learn to obtain and compress audio correctly.

as for the athetics, you did work pretty hard, but dude, why all the base tweens? its been 6 years since you began and i didn't see 1 eased tween to help the realism in this flash. i dont care how choppy you might claim you wanted this flash to be, but that was inexcusable for the amount of FbF movieclips you made for this.

oh, and the editing was genuinely awful. the timing for everything that happens is plain awful, rapid, and frankly seems tacked on.

you worked hard, but you never had time to learn the fine points of editing, animating, and audio control.



i watched all your primal war flash i liked them some were ok but because there was a story i just couldn't stop watching every one of it.. i was happy that 19 20part1 and this part came out..

but sadly, the major cuts that you say, well is like this (cuts comment) that.. period.. end the end.. no more..

i think it would just be better if you didn't cut but segregated them.. like it would reach primal war 22 something.. or primal war 20 part 3 the final episode..

its just to fast.. throw gem, princess dissapear, naca appear, got stabbed by gorilla then woosh lights explosion then ending comments something.. just like that..

its not i didn't like the ending, but it was just too fast.. the suspense and drama nothing, i think.. like a clash of generals and naca vs the bear with magic axe the white gori and the black animal.. 1min or less than 2mins would be fine.. just a thought..