Reviews for "Primal War 20 vol 2"

You finally put a bow on it!

First off I'd like to say thank you for all the hard work, effort and personal time you put into this franchise. I truly have admiration for a select small handful of Newground artist who have and continue to give up their personal time in order to entertain. Those who allow their skills, passions and ideas to end up being belittled by little immature kids that can't draw a circle let alone animate it...no clue of what it takes...(emotionally and physically) to endure this type of scrutiny and then to come back and try it again...again...and again. Most of these so called "critics" will never come close in there pathetic little lives. Cheers to the few...I'd seriously share a beer with you guys.

Rick..over these years we were luck to be able to watch your talents improve and your techniques flourish. You should be proud to have achieved something that most will never accomplished and that is a full series with "real" effort. Definitely something to be proud of. This was a serious undertaking and you did it your way which is all the matters.

Again...Forget the naysayers and keep your head up...Primal Wars will live on long after these boobs have come and gone. You are now up with the likes of XIN just to name one....Great work. ....Can't wait to see what you do next outside of G.I.N.A!

RickMarin responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time and checking out the series . I appreciate your thoughts and glad you enjoy . That's why I do these shows , to inspire other artist to have fun and expand on their imagination and talent and also just have fun with a project . Thanks again my friend.

Don't worry about the other people

This whole series had me on the edge of my seat. You know people. Some people just love to find negatives in things don't they?

You already stated that you cut things out for the file size limit, so they should expect the quality and the story to lack a bit compared to your other ones.

But enough of those negatives.

I liked how you wrapped everything together. It has been a long 5 years and I've followed all of it. Your animations have been getting smoother and better since the first.
The voices, if you can call them that, were pretty... repetitive since they didn't have their own voice of their own, but that did not take away from the whole experience with the subtitles and all.

All in all, it was a great series.
Great Job.

I can't wait to see what else you can make.

all I can say is.....

you kinda "Lamed" that one out

it was alright, but it's still basically watchable

Not really as good as the other series anyone would even expect, but it does finally sum up the entire story. Hard work really does pay off...

what a waste of time

i tried watching these before, trying to see what the fuss was about. i still don't get it. the animation is lame and the character designs are inconsistent, they go from Furry stuff to just actual raptors. it doesn't make any sense. i know i'm supposed to try and be constructive, but this is the end of the series. I just straight up didn't like it, and found nothing worthwhile about any part of it.