Reviews for "Primal War 20 vol 2"

a truly epic battle

giving it less than 10 would be cruel. I cant imagine how long that took to make. The detail is exelent.

Definitely worth it!

For my 200th review, this is going to encompass both parts.

Animation: A lot of people in animation are usually against using a style akin to a superhero comic because the results usually look like shit, but when done right; it's a blast to watch. (Just like good rotoscoping, segment tweening, and sprites.) Throughout both parts, it was mostly well done with correct anatomy and proportions. However, in the first part; the archery animations, along with the White Gorilla's running slash combo lacked secondary motion. I think that you should get some references for future projects. On the other hand, clever usage of flash gradients.
Music and sound: Great job on the behalf of Bosa on the music, which suited the large scale battle through out the episode. I think more people on the audio portal should consider doing some orchestra music that aren't David Orr and Zack Striefel. Plus, the sound effects fit quite well, but considering the volume that they were playing at; there were times when they were popping and cracking. I think that it's imperative that you watch your sound levels regardless if you're recording your own or using stock sounds from various free sound sites.
Content: I have to say, this is one of those few things that is worthy of being called epic. You had a lot going on here, and it was excellently directed and timed. Plus, seeing that you did something with your own characters; that makes it even better. (I don't have a beef with derivatives/parodies, but half the time they usually turn out to be uninspired or downright shit.) On the other hand, I think you should proofread your text because those spacing mistakes in the outro text are like a small chip on a windshield.

What I like:
-Almost perfect art and animation
-Great direction
-Excellent music and sound
-Top-notch choreography

What I don't like:
-Some of the character animations lack secondary motion, which makes them look stilted and awkward.
-The sound could have been mixed better.
-Spacing mistakes.

Overall: For an overall satisfying experience, here's a ten to one ConceptArt.org member from another.


I've watched all 20 episodes. Very awesome feeling that the man story of Primal War is over. Some episodesare very intersting and active but some of them are really boring, But in any case i really appreciate your efforts with the images of nature, backgrounds, characters, animation and of course big collection of sounds and animal growls. All my 10 is belong to the main idea and efforts )


Superb! The Characters, animation, composition and voice acting are all excellent. This is one of the gnarliest things I have seen on here in a while. Keep it up man...


only 10 for

the exelent voice actor work