Reviews for "BlackLight"

It's okay.

The game needs more then just three levels. To add to that the challenges aren't actually challenging, you just flip a switch or jump and the animations could have been a bit smoother. I think this game has a lot of potential and you guys should try remaking it, I like the fact that it's a lot like limbo on Xbox.

CloudEater responds:

Flipping switches is hard for some people!! >:C


When you first play Blacklight you cant help but think your playing a spinoff of the popular arcade game for Xbox named Limbo. This game heavenly reminds me of it just by the artwork. There's no real story to the game,You go threw 3 levels to find the one you love. The game is quite short and kind of begs you for at least a few more levels to make this game more enjoyable. 6/10 3/5.

CloudEater responds:

She's not the one you love, the character was just hungry after growing up so much.

Very calming

The music goes hand in hand with the different levels, so to speak. Movement is a bit slow, but at 12 fps, that's explainable.

Loving the story; infanthood with its own perils, the relative ease of childhood, and then... Love? Death? I guess it's what you make of it...

Only complaint: It was a bit short. But it's very enjoyable nonetheless.

CloudEater responds:

Hahaha!!!!! (L)

journey to find love

the boy walk all his life to find his destined one.
good art and music but a little too short.

CloudEater responds:


Awesome game!

But do you think there will be a sequel? :]

CloudEater responds:

There is less than a 1% change of their being a sequel.