Reviews for "BlackLight"

it was a good game

ir deserves the third place

CloudEater responds:

ir .

um... ok

several points could be made about this game but im gonna stick with the top three

1. if your gonna do a "growing up and dealing with life but we're gonna show it in the form of a platformer puzzle hybrid" you're gonna need a little dialogue
2. you gotta make the platforming acturally difficult in a way that not cheap... (the lever and spike, ball and two platforms that you never see coming,clicking a leaf to make the tree fall over instead of the branch that logically could have been used as a grip)
3. since when do teenage jobs allow spike ceilings anyway, this game lacks a lot of logic

CloudEater responds:

1. ok;
2. It was fair cheap and you COULD click the branch, didn't have to click the leaf;
3. Since when are games meant to be perfectly logical!!!!!!

very good

the concept in my opinion was very good. nicely challenging in some parts. very good job

CloudEater responds:


Insanely glitched and

Looks as if no beta testing has been done at all.

CloudEater responds:


Short , underdeveloped

I think this game got as far as it did for subjective reasons the collisions are buggy controls underdeveloped animations are jerky and occasionally grainy and pixelated the levels are few, cluttered and span barely thirty seconds each before the whole things over to reveal a lady in a red shirt who im still not sure of the significance

Perhaps im missing what your trying to say with this subjective art piece all i know is that a lot more time could have gone into the buggy controls walk cycles etc

congtats on the front page anyway =]

CloudEater responds:

Nothing was meant to be said. Thanks.