Reviews for "Metal Slug shorty"

Yes short

Well yes this was a short one but still found it to be entertaining and sprites we're not bad wish you had more going on in this one now don't get me wrong it was pretty good just too short and wish you had much more to this it was pretty good stuff though more story and plot next time I do like the idea of this whole piece though and most of all it was pretty entertaining. Nice work overall keep up the good effort here

More to the story but not much more then that


Bit sudden end, and a bit slow reaction time with the guys by the fire. Otherwise: nice short!


Doesn't compare to his upcoming release Metal Slug SPJ ! Ohh no

I..I'm sorry..

I don't.....understand.

OsatoUchiha responds:

Don't have to!


The Sound, music, animation etc. is fine and it is what it says it is, so I give the minimum four stars pass, but..

but its not really at all interesting, original or entertaining. Its just a little clip of something, with no story, explanation, character or emotion.

OsatoUchiha responds:

Well, like I told you, I had nothing to do, I was bored.... if you want something with more story check out Metal Slug SPJ, that one took me quite some time.