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Reviews for "Insectonator: Zombie Mode"

Game wow i'm love games FlyAnvil games best

but ??? my dont no?

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Very Great Game.
Here is some tips
Suicide: Nuke+Lighting
Fly Anvil: Nuke+Anvil
Zombieball: Basket Ball+ 20 zombie kills
Railgun Shot: Try a shotgun
Ninja Guy: 20 fast kills with armor sword
Hunter: Try nuke
Accurate Marksman: Try Nuke (same as hunter)
Overkill: Same as Hunter and Accurate Marksman
Grenade Master: Napalm is what i like to use for it
Melee Weapon Master: I suggest the Fish (throwing knife)
Thrift Shop: Try getting a bunch of head shots. I suggest doing selector mode and don't kill the ones you need to kill.
Toss The Boss: Use the hand a pick up the guys that look taller. (i suggest complete collector medal to make sure you can get them.
Collector: Might take a few rounds of Anninihilator but you'll get there quickly.

This is a great game with really good graphics. Please read the tips above they will help you a lot. :)
If you need help with any medals/quests that i didn't put in. add me and send me a message.

awesome game good sound and lots of items so 5 stars