Reviews for "Insanity Box 2"


without the color related challenges=10/10
with the color related challenges=7/10

poxpower responds:

alright I'll add numbers to the one with the xylophone : P


The Game has some contrl issues, where either it wont register that I pressed a button or it'll "Stick" even though my finger was off the button.

D: T_____________________T

How do u win vs Jebesus?!


Dude i swear that i havent even played this game yet but i am already blown out of my mind lol :) I have played the first one and it drove me crazy haha but i kept at it i did haha. :P so im expectin this game to challenge and confuse me :) to drive me INSANE haha. I give you 10 stars and a 5 my frined :)


I have a laptop so I'm pretty much forced to play with a touch pad but I'm still a beast (meaning very good) at this game. :3